Cuba Offers Quality Surgeries at Affordable Prices

Cuba is a leader in today’s healthcare. They have developed vaccines and treatments that no other country has including Cimavax (Lung Cancer Treatment) and Niumixtumab (Brain Cancer Treatment). The heath care system in Cuba is unique in that there are no private clinics that are owned by Cubans. All of the hospitals are government owned and arbitrated to provide top quality and assure safety to all patients.

With tourism as one of the top contributions to the Cuban economy the government has made sure to guarantee safety to all of its tourists. They even have implemented extremely harsh punishments for anyone who harasses or harms a tourist.

Although American’s are able to travel legally to Cuba there are no flights from the US to Cuba. Americans must fly first to one of 15 countries, the most common being either Canada or Mexico. We at PlanetHospital are able to help you with your Visa and any other approval or bookings you will need to travel to Cuba.

All of the quotes that you will find listed on this website include all hospital nights and meals provided. As safety is a primary concern for Cuban’s, they prefer you to stay at the hospital until fully recovered. They also do have recovery centers and allow you to choose the recovery center of your choice.

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